International Dining Etiquette
Learn and explore all the cultural and global differences. We will present international dining for the following countries England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Chile, Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, India
International Tipping Standards and finally compare the United States to the other countries. If you can’t travel or plan to travel the world come to this event and see what their dining is like. You will not want to miss this event if your a world traveler or food lover.
Perfectly Polite Dining Etiquette
-How to set a table to start to finish
-American Style of Dining
-Continental Style of Dining
-Dining Conversations, and so much more.
Girl Scouts-GSNEO Approved
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Want a fun way to earn a manners badge or patch? These 1-hour or 2-hour programs are designed to teach the basics of good social skills through an interactive presentation. Choose what you would like your troop to learn from one of our popular topics offered: Perfectly Polite Dining And Etiquette Program-all GS levels, Social Butterfly Badge Program, Making Friends Badge Program. and our Girl Scout Etiquette Tea Party. We can come to your troop meeting or location after school or on the weekend.

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