Private Lessons / Wedding / Birthday Party / Tea Party / Girl Scouts

The Art of Business Dining- Adult
From Invitations, Arrival, Ordering, Dining Conversations, Table Settings, American Style, Continental Style, Setting Expectations and Cultural Differences.
1-Hour Program
2-Hour Program (if a meal is included)
International Dining- Adult or Children
Learn and explore all the cultural and global differences

1-Hour Program
Wedding/ Special Event Program - Adult or Children
Formal dining, proper introduction, and dinner conversations.
Afternoon Etiquette Tea Party - Adult or Children
Enjoy and learn about the history of  Afternoon Tea. 
1-Hour Program
Children's Dining Etiquette
How to set a table to start to finish, American Style of Dining, Continental Style of Dining, Posture, Proper Introductions and so much more. All will receive an Etiquette Factory Place Mat.

1-Hour Program
2-Hour Program (if meal is included)