Life Skills for You

I am excited to share with you, our Life Skills for You Program that is being used by thousands of students around the world.
What does the student GAIN from this curriculum?
Life Skills for You Program Cost:
$199.00 per classroom (30 Students) for the year.
$84.95 Multi User (up to 5 Students) Includes an Intermediate Book
$69.95 Multi User (up to 5 Students)
$60.95 One Student Account Includes an Intermediate Book
$49.96 One Student Account
If you would like to set up a time, to talk about the features of this amazing curriculum. I am the contact for this territory, so if you have any interest, I would be happy to help in the registering process. This program is ideal for the entire student body or for specified grades.

Please don't wait another day, Your students, our children, are starving for these skills and we have made it so easy, so fun and so effective. We give a 100% money-back guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with this curriculum and the changes that take place with your children, we will be happy to refund you your entire investment. We know you will love this Online Program! When ordering this program mention Miss Kim.