Children Programs

Children’s Finishing School
GRADES 2-5, Ages 6 to 9

This program will introduce boys and girls to the importance of social skills and how good manners improve their relationships with parents, teachers, and friends. This three-hour event will focus on dining and social education relevant to today's children.

·       Proper Introductions

·       Courtesies that Count

·       Play Date and Party Manners

·       Thank You Notes

·       Everyday Table Manners – Setting the Table and American Style 

Limited Seating – 20

3-Hour Program
Tweens to Teens Finishing School
GRADES 6-8, Ages 10 to 14

Our modern offering for middle school youth further builds upon their foundation of good manners and leadership skills. This three-hour event will focus on dining and social education relevant to today's preteens. 

·       First Impressions, Posture, and Proper Introductions

·       Social Networking, Digital Etiquette, and Online Zoom Etiquette

·       Host/Guest Duties

·       Thank You Notes, Gratitude, and Using Polite Words

·       Casual and Formal Dining Etiquette- Setting the Table, American Style, Continental Style, and Dining Etiquette Around the World

·       Communication Skills and Confidence

Limited Seating – 20 

3-Hour Program
Perfectly Polite Dining Etiquette
Age 8-15
How to set a table to start to finish, American Style of Dining, Continental Style of Dining, Posture, Proper Introductions, How to sit Still, Dining Conversations, Thank you notes and so much more. 

1-Hour Program
2-Hour Program (if a meal is included)
International Dining Etiquette - Children
Learn and explore all the cultural and global differences.
We will present international dining for the following countries England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Chile, Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, India  International Tipping Standards, and finally, compare the United States to the other countries. 

1-Hour Program
Etiquette Tea Party - Mommy & Me or Teddy Bear Picnic or Afternoon Tea Party
Age 3-18
Enjoy and learn about the dining etiquette, history, and customs of Afternoon Tea.  

1-Hour Program
Princess Party - Good Manners
Age: 4-8
Wear your favorite Princess Party Attire! Learn how to become a Princess by using your magic words, by knowing your dining manners, and how to properly introduce others. Enjoy a Princess craft and music!

1-Hour Program
Superhero Party - Good Manners
Age: 4-8
Wear your favorite Superhero attire! Learn how to be a Superhero by using your magic words, by knowing your dining manners, and how to give proper introductions. Enjoy a Superhero craft and music!
1-Hour Program
Personal Branding, Presence and Social Media
Age 10-15
Learn how your attitude, personal style, non-verbals, and social media image create your personal brand. 

1-Hour Program
Girl Scouts - GSNEO Approved

Want a fun way to earn a manners badge or patch? These 1-hour or 2-hour programs are designed to teach the basics of good social skills through an interactive presentation. Choose what you would like your troop to learn from one of our popular topics offered: Perfectly Polite Dining And Etiquette Program-all GS levels, Social Butterfly Badge Program, Making Friends Badge Program. and our Girl Scout Etiquette Tea Party.. We can come to your troop meeting or location after school or on the weekend.

Girl Scouts -Perfectly Polite Dining Etiquette
All Girl Scout Levels
Children will learn in a fun and interactive way:
Setting the Table Dining, American Style Dining, Continental Style, Proper Introductions and Thank you notes.

1-Hour Program
Girl Scouts-Brownie -Making Friends Badge
Brownie (grades 3-4)
Let the Etiquette Factory help your Brownies earn their Making Friends Badge.
We will teach them the requirements needed to succeed.
Proper Introductions
How to show you care
How to share 
How to disagree

1-Hour Program
Girl Scouts-Junior - Social Butterfly Badge
Junior (grade 4-5)
Let the Etiquette Factory help your Juniors earn their Social Butterfly Badge.
We will teach them all of the requirements needed to succeed.
How to hold a conversation
How to use proper table manners
Be prepared for a special occasion
Write a thank-you note

1-Hour Program
Girl Scouts-Etiquette Tea Party
All Girl Scout Levels
Bring your favorite teacup! Enjoy and learn about Tea and Dining Etiquette, being a host and a guest, and how to write a thank-you note. Ideal for a Mother and Me Tea Party!

1 Hour Program
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-After School Dance & Manners Programs
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